CVA Feed Intern Joelle Pillen Shares her Story

Friday, June 14, 2013 9:58:00 AM Categories: Feed

Published by Joelle Pillen, CVA Intern in Duncan, NE

My home town is Platte Center, Nebraska and I am currently a senior Animal Science and Grazing Livestock Systems major,with a minor in Agri Business at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. My goals for the summer consist of gaining knowledge on diet formulation of both cattle and swine, as well as learn more about consulting different producers on nutritional needs. I also hope to understand how feed is made, nutrients are included, and be able to mill feed. I hope to try my hand at sales and learn more about the CVA agronomy department. 

Within CVA, I'm especially interested in the nutritional side of animal feeds: minerals, feedstuffs, diet formulation, and consulting and the direct effects on performance and profitability. Once I am done with the internship, I plan to either pursue a masters in ruminant nutrition or manage a small feed yard, where I will use my knowledge in nutrition to make advancements. I have always been interested in nutrition, more so now that I have been in college and realize that nutrition of any animal is the center of any operation. I find it really intriguing that depending on what I feed livestock, directly effects livestock performance.

So far my internship experience is great. I have started to learn the different programs used in the management. I have also gotten to experience the mill: batching feed, making pellets. Also, the people that I work with are great, they never hesitate to let me try anything new and aren't afraid to teach me anything. I feel accepted and I am comfortable. They are also willing to answer questions for me. I really appreciate the people I work with, they make every day really enjoyable. 

I enjoy the people of CVA the most. They are all really easy going. It makes the work atmosphere enjoyable and professional at the same time. From the time I went to orientation, I knew I was going to like my job because I was able to both relate to and talk to the people that I was around. This enhanced my ability to learn because I was comfortable to ask questions and seek out help. There has not been a day yet when I haven't walked into work to be greeted with a smile and a good morning.

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